George Klauba
The CandleThe SymphonyThe HatThe Quarter DeckAnd The Great Shroud Of The Sea Rolled OnIshmaelNew BedfordFather MappleQueequegStarbuckStubbFlaskTashtegoDaggooAhabFedallahThe Spirit SpoutThe FuneralThe PodThe CastawayThe Forge The Whale WatchHe Declared That a Whale Must Be NearLike an Opened Door Marble TombThe ChaseAhab's Boat Seemed Drawn Up Towards HeavenFrom Hell's Heart I Stab at TheeMoby DickFlask as Killer WhaleDeath to the Living; Long Life to the Killers--AhabPip's Dream Trilogy: ImmersionPip's Dream Trilogy: Surrender Pip's Dream Trilogy: Rebirth"And I Only Am Escaped Alone To Tell Thee" - Job

Fedallah Nearing Japanese WatersQueequeg With Japanese Tattoos Transformed Ahab DismastedMoby Dick, The Hunt in Japanese WatersAhab's DeathThe Drama's DoneTriad in a Northern SeaThe Mid-Watcher
The seeds for my avian-Moby-Dick paintings were planted many years ago. As a child, I discovered the Illustrated Classic Comics Two Years Before the Mast and Moby-Dick, stories that enthralled me and captured my imagination.

In 2003, I returned to Moby-Dick as a mature artist. My previous paintings with ‘bird-people’ had made me aware that Melville’s characters could be seen in a new light—that bird characteristics could convey the characters’ interior lives. The more I painted, the more I became aware that I was part of something substantial and memorable beyond myself. I could almost feel the tarry breath of whalers behind me as the paintings became more detailed and involved.

Moby-Dick paintings are photographed by Saverio Truglia.