George Klauba
Untitled [undated]Gli Angeli CaduttiAmoreLa Casa D'amoreTransfigurationTaranto, Italy, 1957PompeiRemorsoTime, Between Sea and ShoreRetributionLove Desire RetributionThe Lily and the ThistleDestiny Meets Desire on the Street of DreamsIn the Garden of Memory and DesireLuminous Birds Bathed in LoveWe ThreeTo Mercy Pity Peace and LoveMoon Rapture Becomes a Night RaptorUntitled II (Fallen Angels And Love Desire Retribution series)Untitled I (from Fallen Angels And Love Desire Retribution series)
Fallen Angels and Love Desire Retribution
In Love Desire Retribution, well dressed male angels, desirous of instilling good, confront harlots to counteract the tawdriness of Fallen Angels. Their confrontations are presented in tableaux reminiscent of holy cards.

As love grew, it melded with the other elements, adding a third level.