George Klauba
Cloud SpiritSpirit Sailor of the Savu SeaSpirit Head From a Sandy SeaSpirit of a Blue-water Shark SailorSpirit Head of an Earth SailorStar Spirit of a Phosphorous SeaSpirit Sailor of the Red-tipped OceanSpirit of a Copper-Fin OceanUntitled (Spirit Sailor)The Sea of DreamsThe Mid-WatcherBeneath The Southern CrossSand SailorHopeSand Sailor, 1990
Spirit Sailors
A life-long fascination with Australian Aboriginal culture and art merged into a body of work—carvings and paintings—called Spirit Sailors that continues today. The carvings and paintings are representations of American sailors lost in the Pacific during World War II who rise to the heavens above Australia to become stars.

Spirit Sailor Mythology is copyrighted © by the artist for a future publication.