George Klauba
Book, complete series. George Klauba in Navy, 1957, Taranto, ItalyUSS Kenneth D. Bailey DDR713, 1958, North AtlanticWWII Commemorative Clad Half Dollar Biographies of WWII Memorial Coin illustratorscertificate smallCertificate of Authenticity Cover by Klauba for "Moby-Dick, a Longman Critical Edition," edited by John Bryant and Haskel Springer, Pearson Longman, 2007Klauba cover for "A Companion to Moby-Dick," edited by Wyn Kelley, Blackwell Publishing, 2006Klauba cover art for "Chasing the White Whale; or, What Melville Means Today," by David Dowling, University of Iowa Press, 2010Klauba book cover
Works by George Klauba are in public and private collections, including the New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA; the Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL, and the Vermillion County War Museum in Danville, IL. Three Moby-Dick paintings have been chosen for book covers of Melville's novel.