George Klauba
U.S.S. K.D. Bailey DDR-713Castro Revolutionary ArmbandsHomage  to Fidel Nineteen-fifty-eight with Thanks to Santa BarbaraA Letter from Chango to a Faraway GunnerUsted No Esta SolaNow It Shines BrightlyThe Youth Becomes the Mother of Fidel–Guardians of a Cuban ChrysalisLet Your Heart Run from the TwilightOya's Courage as Santa Teresa BleedsThe Unopened LetterOchosi–Lord of the HuntYou Are In My HeartThe Soda Pop Factory
In then Land of the ProletariatSaints, Sinners and EspiritismoOf Gods And IdolsA Letter to Santa BarbaraOshun's Liberation of the SunGuardian Of The GatesOchosis's Purification Of The HuntRedemption and the Girl from Lithuania26 Octubre 1962 Defiance to a Sea of BloodCastro Revolutionary Insignia and Pins
Rebel Judy
Cuba series: The Paintings